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Forbes-logoWhy Freelancers Need A Upod “Tribe.”

Upod Academy is a semi-secret workshop where freelancers come together to make big ideas happen. Whether the aim is learning the ropes of freelance writing, pushing to the next level or making a major career transition, the PodCad kicks it from crazy daydream to reality. We work in an intimate group setting, usually over a three-day weekend in Los Angeles, in an environment that’s safe but seriously challenging. Read the FAQ and come get motivated.

Malcolm Gladwell for Time Magazine by Bill Wadman, October 2008Our illustrious guests are the best in the biz. Recent speakers include Malcolm Gladwell, Gretchen Rubin, Meghan Daum, Susan Orlean, Maria “Brainpicker” Popova, Emily Bazelon, A.J. Jacobs and many more.

About Your Host


Many cover stories ago, David Hochman created UPOD, an online resource and community for freelancers. Upod Academy grew (and grew…) from there. David’s work appears in The New York Times, Forbes, Details, Salon, Esquire, GQ, Food + Wine, Town & Country, Reader’s Digest, InStyle, Travel + Leisure and many other places.

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Join us for Upod Academy One-Day Live Webinar April 18, 2015, or reserve your download now to watch after the fact. You can also download the March webinar weekend on personal essay writing, featuring assigning editors from O: The Oprah Magazine, More magazine and more.


“Outrageously, spectacularly, almost diabolically useful” – Podnighter

Pod Nights, my popular speaker series on freelancing, is now available in streaming audio and MP3.  Click here to learn more, download and listen.

Oh, and you want to hear Malcolm Gladwell’s pep talk on freelancing from a recent PodCad? Here it is.

shoePOD Walks

Let’s go for a Pod Walk! My innovative new coaching method literally gets you and your career up and moving. Read the story I wrote about it in The New York Times. It’s a one-step-at-a-time approach to making positive changes and improvements in your professional life. Walk the talk, Podders!

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Hundreds of Stories Sold!

Since 2011, my students have sold hundreds of articles as a direct result of Upod Academy.* Click these links to read their work in Slate, The New York Times, Oprah’s magazine, Pacific Standard, Forbes, Men’s Journal, more New York Times, Lifehacker, Parade, Money, Tablet, Reader’s Digest, Prevention, Los Angeles Times, Entertainment Weekly, more Forbes, more New York Times, DiscoverInStyle, Wine Enthusiast, Angeleno, Babble, Los Angeles Confidential, LA Weekly, Glamour, Learn Vest, Skiing Magazine, Salon, The Rotarian, Slate’s Photo Blog, Salon, Fast Company, Dame, Ladies Home Journal, Tablet again, Virtuoso Life, Mom.me, Hemispheres, Southwest’s Spirit Magazine, BlogHer, Billboard, Salon, Rolling Stone, The Daily, Family Fun, The Santa Fe Reporter, Red Bulletin, Babble, Blurt, Salon, Bathesda Magazine, MadeMan, Relix, Family Getaways, Saveur, Runner’s World, Los Angeles Magazine, Yankee Magazine and More (and more and…).

*This doesn’t include the radio shows, columnist gigs, agents and book projects, editing assignments, and full-time writing jobs they’ve landed!

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