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Video Q&As - one hour each - $15

Seyward Darby, Executive Editor, The Atavist, shares golden wisdom on longform nonfiction narratives

Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Christopher Goffard takes us inside his “Dirty John” true crime series

Longreads.com Essay editor Sari Botton

The New Yorker's Ben Greenman on book writing, music writing and Prince

New york times editor choire sicha on writing for the styles section

Superstar Freelancer Eric Spitznagel on getting non-stop assignments

Former esquire editor megan greenwell on pitching, rookie mistakes

Good housekeeping editor carla levy on selling first-person essays

bestselling author and new yorker writer russell shorto on writing genius

Susan Orlean on book writing and surprising ideas

aarp editor meg guroff on writing for the 50+ crowd

branded content expert julie collazo on writing for brands

The new yorker's David Grann on reporting and adventure writing

The Atlantic's Ross andersen on writing about science and tech

Refinery 29 Founder and Editor Christine Barberich

New York Times Travel editor Dan Saltzstein

New Yorker and New York Times Magazine writer Russell Shorto

writing for Vanity Fair, WSJ and Departures with editor Heather Halberstadt

Gretchen Rubin on developing habits for happiness and productivity

Buzzfeed's steve kandell on longform journalism in a listicle world

new york times editor kj dell'antonia on writing for motherlode

Brainpickings founder maria popova on curating intelligent content

New Yorker features editor daniel zalewski on scoring the ultimate byline

new york times magazine's emily bazelon on the three pillars of great journalism

travel + Leisure editor-in-chief nathan lump on travel writing

Muckraker russ baker on investigative journalism

esquire's tom junod on the secrets of great magazine writing

new york times magazine's virginia heffernan on faith, reporting and trolls

author aj jacobs on idea generation and a year of living biblically

Audio - 2-plus hours each - $15

Malcolm gladwell on the secrets of being malcolm gladwell

James Beard Award-Winning Food editor Lesley Suter on Pitching Deliciousness (1 hr)

new york times magazine's paul tullis on cracking the magazine a list

food writer elina shatkin on writing about last night's dinner

david Hochman on writing his way to seven continents

rolling stone's david browne on sex, drugs and the greatful dead

culture brain's sharon ann lee on finding passion as a freelancer

nancy rommelmann on longform journalism and great coffee

webinars - five-plus hours

november 2017 webinar with NYT's choire sicha, AARP editor meg guroff, boston globe ideas editor dante ramos and branded content expert julie collazo - $65

Brandcad: An all-day seminar on branded content: what it is & how to cash in - $50